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Please contact us if you or a loved one needs support with any of the services we offer.

Community Comfort Closet

Income should never be a barrier, but there is a current lack of federal, state, and local financial support for disadvantaged groups.


By offering support directly to at-risk individuals, we can ensure their most pressing hygiene needs are met. People experiencing hygiene and period poverty can experience low confidence, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Children who go to school in soiled and unwashed clothes are at a higher risk of bullying and school conflicts.


​Many Americans have to bargain for hygiene, menstrual, and health care products, and will do unsafe things to stay healthy. We believe all people should have access to healthy items for bathing and protection from bleeding through their clothes.


Increasing access and educating students and parents on options that improve hygiene and period positivity are the first steps to overcoming trauma associated with hygiene care poverty.

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Supplies for the Community Comfort Closet we donated to Plainfield High School.

Please click below for our informational flyers about hygiene for girls and boys.

Other Services We Offer

Re-entry Services

Our Community Worker can help you get support with and referrals for:


  • Re-Entry Services

  • Rent and Utilities Assistance for Low-Income

  • Mental Illness Referrals

  • Alcoholism Referrals

  • Quitting Smoking

  • Substance Disorders Referrals

  • Food and Clothing Banks

  • Hygiene Products

Educational Services

We offer support with:


  • Pro-Active Coaching Solutions

  • Educational Resources

  • Work Force Readiness

  • Starting Entrepreneurship

What to do if you're stopped by Police, Immigration agents or FBI


Immediate Supportive Services

Contact us if you need any help with the following:


  • Appointment reminder calls

  • Transportation (bus, Uber)

  • Job interview tips 

  • Filing document fees 

  • State Identification cards

  • Driver licenses fees

  • Social security card fees

  • Birth Certificate fees

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