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TMWW offers quantitative educational programs that focus on self-development. Our programs are in partnership with GMG, Inc. See our current program offerings below.

Who We Serve:

  • 13-18 years old

  • Adults 18+ 

  • In-School or Out-of-School suspension

  • Middle School and High School students struggling with at-risk behaviors due to truancy, class disruption, vandalism, leaving class without permission, defiance of authority, disrespect, threats or loitering.

Current Programs

If you are interested in participating in one of our programs, please click the button below to download and complete the waiver form.


Led by students and their parents.  The goal of this project is to allow students to create a 1-2 minute educational PSA.  These videos can help encourage their peers to become more knowledgeable on the science of drugs.  

#2023JustTheFacts is a social media campaign challenging Hendricks County youth and teens to step-up and take the lead on starting the conversation amongst their peers on the dangers of drug use.


How can your teen get involved? 

  • Email their Completed Waiver Form to (below) 

  • After meeting with a project manager, the student will be assigned a substance to research and learn the facts about that drug. 

  • Students can schedule studio-recording time to record their PSA or record it on their cell phone.   

  •  Students will be responsible for sharing their PSA throughout social media, with family, friends, administrators and teachers.

Click the link to view student PSA videos from Round 1

Emmanuel and Isaac

Emmanuel PDA on 7/22/2023(1)

Kyera S. 

90 Miles Exit Right

This program is designed to help create a positive place where today’s teens and their families can get back on track.   

90 Miles “Exit Right is a 5-week workshop where teens and their families can learn valuable self-awareness skills. 

Here's an outline of our 5-week program:

Week 1: Learning the importance of Self- Awareness

Week 2: Personal S.W.O.T Analysis + Vision Board

Week 3: Goal Setting w/ S.M.A.R.T. + Vision Board

Week 4: Self-Esteem + Vision Board

Week 5: Taking Control – Graduation Day

This program is delivered through a metaphor of each participant taking a trip to a destination and not knowing the address to enter into their navigation system. If you don't have a plan, you can't reach your destination! Understanding the importance of setting goals.    

(Workshops are 60 minutes on Zoom or on location throughout Indiana).

 Hendricks CO. Healthy Hygiene Habits

This program is an innovative mobile educational program that focuses on providing hygiene resources for girls and boys ages 8-18 years old in Hendricks County. It is designed to help remove barriers and improve personal hygiene habits. The goal of this program is to help participants develop a strong sense of self-reliance and self- confidence, reduce school absenteeism.

“Period poverty” is defined by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials as the lack of access to sanitary products, appropriate facilities (securable restrooms with running water), and medically sound, unbiased information about menstruation.

The Miles We Walk was awarded a grant from The Hendricks County Commissioners and Council to distribute 500 Hygiene Packs throughout Hendricks County. Hygiene workshops and grooming packs are free to all youth and adults.


The overall goal of Pathfinder’s Leadership Development Program is designed to re-tool and re-skill unemployed and under-employed adults who need to acquire a new skill or be retrained in order to enter/re-enter the job market. Our program prepares individuals for life’s journey by developing a roadmap for success. We focus on the whole person! We help with life skills that will assist now and in the future. Emphasis is placed on self-development, positive work habits and healthy attitudes, as well as the acquisition of entrepreneurial, interpersonal and communication skills (Life Skills).


The workshops are designed to equip each person with new and transferable skills and develop the necessary competencies required to effectively function in the job market. Participants will be challenged to carefully assess their current situation, establish short and long-term goals, establish needs, and receive direction in controlling their own destinies. Along with this they will receive the fundamental skills to advance and sustain a positive lifestyle. 

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